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"Handmade wood box galleries for handcrafted boxes & jewelry display racks"

Handmade Wood Boxes spacer Jim Fiola Designer Craftsman
spacerWoodworking Designer Craftsman
Galleries for Handmade Wood Boxes & Jewelry Displays
If you are looking for top quality construction of originally designed wood jewelry boxes, then you have come to the right place. All my work is handmade with exacting craftsmanship using only the finest woods, so any piece that you purchase from me will give a lifetime of satisfaction.
In addition to my award winning jewelry boxes, pen & watch boxes, and valets, I have also introduced a line of jewelry racks, to help you organize your jewelry collection and display it in a most attractive manner.
I hope you'll enjoy viewing my various handcrafted exotic wood items, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know...
    ~ Jim Fiola

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[View Wood Samples]  and also see  [Example of Box Drawer]

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Some of Jim's most acclaimed handmade box designs ~ selections with one drawer or with multiple drawers...

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More handmade box designs, plus Jim's popular "Watch Chest"...

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Five of Jim's award winning handmade box designs, including "Mimi" and "Jonah"...

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Two variations of Jim's "Pillow Watch Chest"...

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Wall mounted earring jewelry racks...

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Handmade single drawer and double drawer boxes in a variety of woods...

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Beautiful wood charging stands & boxes for tablets and smart phones...

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Custom furniture ~ see Jim's extraordinary handmade cherry wood tv cabinet...

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Jim Fiola - Designer Craftsman
2 East Trail   Branchville, NJ   07826

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